On Friday, Albuquerque businessmen Daniel Chavez announced that he was going to open a new 3,200-seat concert venue next to the future home of Top Golf near I-25 and MontaƱo.

Source: https://www.koat.com/article/local-entrepreneur-unveils-first-of-its-kind-dining-entertainment-center-in-abq/28715309#

When I graduated from college, I was ready to hit the big time by finding the entertainment jobs that were clamoring for young, hotshot grads like me. However, I quickly learned that no one in this industry was actually going to come knocking on my door, and despite my degree and passion for the business, I was going to have to do some serious legwork to land the career of my dreams.

Instead of hoofing it from company to company, I headed straight to my computer to shop for available entertainment jobs online. While I wasn’t going to find any serious offers through this approach, I was most definitely going to find the companies that were looking for applicants to give me a head start on the career search.

I was encouraged by what I found, because when I totaled up all of the career opportunities in film, television, radio, advertising and live shows, there were plenty of entertainment jobs online to choose from. Of course I wasn’t qualified for every posting I saw, but there were enough entry-level positions to make me confident that with enough perseverance I would find a foothold in the industry.

Some of the sites would let me search for the best entertainment jobs by location, and others structured their search around the different components of the industry. Want a career in broadcasting? Click here. Advertising? Click there. It was so simple, even a college graduate like me could figure out how to navigate around these sites!


One site let me narrow my search by the type entertainment jobs that I was looking for and the area I lived in. I could also search by company, so if there was a particular place that I wanted to work, I could keep hunting until the perfect position opened up there. Yes, Walt Disney was on the list — who wouldn’t want to work with Mickey Mouse?

By searching for entertainment jobs online, I could cover a lot of ground quickly and get my resume sent out to companies all over the country in a snap. And these sites not only provided openings that I could pursue, but also offered plenty of great resources to help me land my dream position, like resume writing services, interview pointers, and cover letter clinics. This information proved invaluable to a college graduate who was completely green in finding and landing a solid gig!

Entertainment jobs are definitely in demand today, so if you are hoping to get a position in the industry, you need all of the advantages that you can get. Searching for career opportunities online will provide you with that edge by linking you with prospective employers all over the country from the comfort of your own home. Happy hunting!