From all the jokes about engineers, you would think that it is a boring, static field. Nothing could be further from the truth. The old stereotypes of engineers only hold for parts of the field. As a matter of fact, there are engineering jobs In almost any sector of society. From audio production to building design, from car manufactured to management, an engineering job search will reveal many different interesting positions. And the career is not without rewards. Engineering jobs are some of the best paid professions out there. Engineers can make upwards of 100K a year if they are in right firm.

The engineering job market is competitive in San Francisco but with the right strategy, you increase your chances of landing the job you are after.


Although a lot of artists go into graphic design to pay the bills, engineering jobs are increasingly popular with creative types. Engineering drawing, after all, is a great way to make money. At the job they will also develop some artistic design skills. I know a lot of artists who love doing this kind of stuff. They get to look at components and see how they all fit together in to the whole. They also develop a better idea of the different structures that go into buildings, cars, and other man-made mechanical things. And don’t forget, working in an engineering firm is a lot better than waiting tables or serving coffee. While you are getting your artistic portfolio together, you might as well make some money!

For people who are less structurally minded, there are still engineering jobs that are absolutely fascinating. Audio engineering is one of the most popular fields for people who are into playing music but not sure of their ability to make it a career. Audio engineers handle every aspect of acoustics. Some of them design rooms and studios to get the best sound, others work in the studios, tweaking the sound to get just the right effects for a particular band. Many of these folks are the people behind the biggest names in music. Without audio engineers, rock superstars would never be able to get just the right feel to a song.

Of course, there are also great engineering jobs in management. Engineers are notoriously difficult people to work with, and a good manager can really make a name for himself very quickly while overseeing engineers. You don’t need to have very much special technical knowledge for these engineering jobs, but they are every bit as lucrative and as important as other jobs in the field.