Heritage University junior Denisse Leyva, left, and senior Lesly Gomez walk through a recent Career and Education Job Fair.

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If you are a job seeker looking for a new position, or are a college graduate taking that initial step toward utilizing that new degree, you should visit the many different job fairs that are held across the nation on a fairly regular basis. The job fairs vary from profession to profession, but most offer the job seeker the opportunity to speak with representatives and recruiters from various companies looking for qualified individuals to join their organization. The application and interview process is conducted on the spot by some companies, which is a great way for the job seeker to get his or her foot in the door a lot faster. Job fairs afford the career professional to also interview the perspective employers to learn a bit about the company and what the requirements of the position are, to create a base of information that will come in handy when choosing between multiple employment offers.

Job fairs are held for many industries such as the health care industry, especially for nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physicians’ assistants, and other supportive technical personnel. The health care industry is growing with the increased demand for patient services directly related to the huge baby boomer population, the first of which are now entering into retirement. Job fairs for health care professionals seeking new opportunities the chance to browse around at the different health care delivery systems, how they are different and yet the same. Since this country is entering into what could become a health care crisis, new graduate nurses especially, as well as residents and interns are looking at the number of employment opportunities available to them in a number of locations. Job fairs are a great place to compare benefits, sign on bonuses, and relocation and travel packages offered by competing agencies and health care delivery systems. Nurses can also complete continuing education units (CEUs) toward license renewal at health professional job fairs by completing a class or lecture.

You’ll probably have quite the collection of brochures, folders, and other literature by the end of the day at the job fair. Be sure to pick up a free tote bag that is available by various vendors at the job fair to carry your materials. Various classes are also offered at job fair events including how to improve your resume, interviewing tips, and other presentations by sponsors of job fairs. Attend as many different job fairs as you can because different companies may be sponsored at each. This will give you the opportunity to connect with more potential employers at these job fairs, which will greatly increase your chances of getting just the position you’re looking for. Good Luck!