Nanny jobs available! Build your credentials, impeccable references and a killer resume.

Taking care of kids is a challenging job! Many families in which both spouses work, are looking for reliable, trustworthy people to watch the kids, prepare meals and ferry them around to soccer or other after school activities. However, as every parent knows, when you entrust your children to the care of someone outside the family, you need to feel confident that the caregiver is responsible, trustworthy and truly loves kids. There are lots of nanny jobs available, but prospective candidates are given a good deal of scrutiny before they hire.

If you’re a college student, who enjoys being with kids, this can be a great job opportunity. Nanny jobs are usually live-in situations, with flexible schedules and regular days off. Typically, the nanny jobs available provide free room and board and usually, a stipend. This arrangement won’t make you rich, but you’ll not have to worry about most of the usual living expenses, such as rent, utilities and food.

Furthermore, you can arrange your class schedule so that, while you’re getting an education, when you come home, you can integrate some study time into the kid’s activities. You can jot down ideas for that English essay as you cheer the kids on and keep an eagle eye on their doings and surroundings. When the kids have been tucked in, after a bedtime story, you’re free as a bird. You don’t need to worry about driving to and from a job at the convenience store, which doesn’t allow any time for anything but the wage you’re paid. Sounds like a pretty good job, wouldn’t you say?

So how do you find the nanny jobs available in your area? You can look on sites like, or your local newspaper. Be aware that the competition is stiff. Parents can be quite picky, understandably, about who they choose to come in to their home and look after their children.

When San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order went into effect on March 16, one of Jessica Campos’ first thoughts was: What about the kiddos?


You’ve got to have excellent references. Chances are, you’ve had babysitting jobs in high school. Gather references which you can present to your prospective employer. If you’ve served as a teacher’s aide, or have experience with a youth or church group, willing to vouch for you, so much the better. Take a class in child development or get involved in a Girl or Boy Scout troop. All of these accolades demonstrate interest, responsibility and leadership qualities.

There are also nanny jobs available overseas, known as au pair positions. Should you have your sights set on a university education abroad, the same criterion applies. A second language can come in handy here.

Develop a killer resume to cinch your nanny job. Your resume should reflect a consistent involvement with kid’s groups and activities. Special skills, such as Red Cross certifications or working with special needs kids will put you on the short list of successful candidates for the nanny jobs available today. Good luck!