My budget was starting to look pretty pathetic several months ago. My full time job was no longer able to pay all of the bills. The cost of living and survival was skyrocketing and my paychecks were not. After much debate, I knew that the solution was simple – I needed to find a part time job. The idea didn’t thrill me but I knew that if I was going to continue to be able to make my mortgage payments, a part time job is what I needed.

Shutdowns in the retail and hospitality businesses may be an early sign of the job losses that the coronavirus outbreak will inflict on the economy.


I hadn’t work two jobs in years and it almost seemed like I was moving backwards even though I had a professional career. I felt embarrassed and almost as if I was a failure. I didn’t realize that a large number of people are in my same situation and having to find a part time job to make ends meet.

More and more families are finding out that while the costs of housing and daily living are rising steadily, their paychecks are not keeping up with the trend. Even if both partners work full time and make a comfortable income, it may not be enough anymore. One partner, or both, are finding themselves taking on a part time job and working crazy hours just to keep up with the cost of living. The families who are finding themselves in this position are also finding out how spending less time together causes stress and tension as well.

I personally think that this new trend of needing to find a part time job to survive is very sad. When a person is forced to work too many hours, it starts to destroy a large part of them. But, if they don’t provide enough of money to pay the bills, it can destroy a large part of their lives. Either way, times have begun to change. A part time job can help to ease the financial woes for many people.

I had not a clue where to begin my part time job search or even what I wanted to be searching for. Most part time jobs don’t pay very well and I needed a few hundred dollars extra every month. After working at my full time job during the daytime, I had to wonder what kind of job I could even tolerate in the evenings and on weekends. I looked into a few different part time jobs but nothing interested me enough to work lots of extra hours. I knew quite a few people who had used employment agencies to find their jobs, so I took that route as well. I still found nothing that paid what I needed.

I finally got into ebay and did begin to makie some extra money on a monthly basis. But, everyone has their own interests, needs and desires to get ahead in life. I was not thrilled to have a part time job, but I know that it is what I have to do in order to get out of debt and pay my bills. I’m hoping that a part time job is simply a temporary necessity for me until my credit cards are paid off. At that point, perhaps I
can go back to simply working a full time job.